Children's Picture Book Course

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Have you ever dreamed of creating a children's picture book but don't know where to get started? 

Well the heavens have listened!! : ) 

After spending 9 arduous months researching the industry from top to bottom, working with an established book publishing editor, collaborating alongside my illustrator to bring the book to life, get it printed and out into the world.... you could say I learnt A LOT!
And spent a lot! 

I want to save you the time and money it cost me to learn all the things I needed to consider to have a publisher worthy, self published children's picture book.

It wasn't easy but it can be with my course! 

Whether you want to print just 1 copy or 5000, do self publishing or use a publisher, whether you're the author, the illustrator or both ~ THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

In 8 easy modules I'll take you through: 

1) Self publishing vs publishing
2) Becoming childlike; getting into the child's voice
3) Your narrative; putting words to paper
4) Finding and working with your illustrator
5) Design; bringing the book to life
6) Printing; print on demand vs print press
7) Building a brand
8) Marketing; taking your book to the world!

This course will guide you through the questions you need to be asking that you don't even know you need to ask

It will provide suggestions for where to find an editor, illustrator, designer and print options for your book, as well as what you need to be aware of during each of those processes. 

We'll explore the dynamics of how children see the world and what you want to consider when keeping your young audience in mind. 

But most of all, it will help keep the process of creating fun and easy for you! :) 

So don't waste the time and money I did to discover what my best options were and what I needed to know to create a publisher worthy book. 
I trust that with consistent action steps given from this course, you can easily have a print ready version of your book in 1-3 months or less! 

And I'm SOOOOOOOOOO excited for you to bring your book to the world!

There's nothing quite like holding your finished book in your hand and sharing it with those you love. Or getting feedback from people you've never met that praise the gift you gave them through the message and connection of your dream brought to life through your creation.

Don't wait another minute and let your dream sit on the side. It's so deserving and worthy to be brought forth at this time. We need the medicine that wants to come through you in this way and you know it too. My intention and desire is to help you do that and to support you along the way. 

So join me, and let's bring your book to life!!