Finding the Right Children's Books for Your Child

When it comes to children's literature, a single book can make a huge impact.

Stories have a way of transporting a child into another world, one where the possibilities are endless and the love is boundless.

The problem?

There are so many kids' books, children's magazines, and ebooks for children that it can often be an overwhelming mission to select the right one for your child.

Selecting a book for a young girl that will teach her how to be an extraordinary woman becomes a daunting task.

How do you know if you choose the right one? The best one?

How do you know that your child will love it, respond well to it, and, perhaps most importantly, take in the valuable lessons from it?

The difficulty in choosing the right book for young readers is that you are left with the interpretation of the lesson by the children's book author.

Many of the "must-have books" on all of the book lists for children use fairy tales and illustration to simply tell a child what to think.

What to feel.

What to do.

Very few of them taught young children how to think, how to feel, or how to do the things they were so encouraged to do.

Classic children's books are no better.

The big wolf in Little Red Riding Hood taught young girls to fear predatory characters without teaching them how to survive them.

Pippi Longstocking and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland certainly made way for children's literature to push the limits, but each story can be a bit frightening, at times.

Though many of the classic children's books hold a special place in our hearts, many of the fairy tales did little to encourage the young readers to look within for the strength and self-knowledge they would undoubtedly need for their futures.

This is exactly what inspired me to write My BIG Book of Beginnings.

How Writing a Children's Book Became a Mission to Change the World

I began writing children's books because I wanted to help children learn of their greatest potential without telling them to go find it in the world.

Their greatest potential lies within them, just as they are.

I wanted to remind children of their infinite and unlimited nature. Their own beauty, freedom, love and unique gifts. Yet this is a journey each one of us must uncover and discover on our own. So I created a story that is filled with questions that awaken and inspire curiosity for a child’s best and highest self. To discover that we are not just loved but the nature and source of love itself is one of the most empowering aspects to being human I believe.

Younger children reading my book can grow in a way that allows them to explore their innate abilities and most childlike dreams for years to come. The fact that my books are gender neutral, not indicating whether the main character is a boy or a girl, allows my young readers to easily identify with the story.

It allows younger children to realize their fullest potential without being influenced by my or society's expectations of young children.

Once I began writing children's books, I realized that young people all over the world could hear this message, learn this lesson, and easily begin to take in the value and self-worth I gently point them to know themselves in this pure and abundant way.

So I decided to do what I can to place my books in the hands of young people all around the world.

For every 10 books sold, I will donate a book to children who perhaps need them most, such as at the public library, refugee camps, orphanages, women's shelters, and more.

It is my goal to impact the lives of children in a positive way by introducing to them a world where they know they belong and where they have so much to offer.

Want to be a part of it?

Here are a few ways you can participate:

  • Order one of my children's books in bulk, knowing that for every 10 purchased, one will be donated.
  • Visit your public library and search the kids' books section for inspiring children's books. If they do not have any, then recommend a few (including My BIG Book of Beginnings!).
  • Search for children's ebooks that you can download and read anytime. This will come in handy when you are out with your little one and need something imaginative and uplifting to keep them busy.
  • Support the arts and history by opting for an illustrated book based on a true story.
  • Create a nice collection of your own at home that can be shared with your own children or family at any time.
  • Check back in with me here for updates on the latest poem or short story available for online viewing or free download.
  • Download the free sing along and start to impact the children in your life with inspiring words and lyrics.
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