How to Find the Best Illustrated Children’s Books

There is something beautiful about the minds of young children. They are so open and ready to learn, to absorb the lessons around them.

Their imaginations are beautifully free to explore the world around them, completely untainted by the complexities of life that we face as adults.

Though they cannot read the words written on paper (at least not at first), they can read the stories through the illustrations.

The drawings and images have the power to spark ideas within the child in ways that we could never do with words, making authors and illustrators perhaps the biggest influencers on young children around the world.

Illustrated books have the power to transport a child into the story of the character, instilling the lessons of the story in the heart of the child for years to come.

This is why I chose to work with Federico Rivarola, a talented illustrator from Mar del Plata, Argentina. I love his ability to capture the character in a dreamlike way, allowing the young readers to envision themselves in the story easily.

His illustration style is unlike anything I have ever seen before and is easily one of the best among children's literature.

As a book creator, it is incredibly important to me that the images and the artwork, in particular, match the essence of the text perfectly.

Frederico does that so beautifully.

I sell his prints from my first picture book individually, knowing that his artwork will inspire young children around the world.

Though I love and believe in our work together, I also believe that a child is empowered by an entire library of stories more than by a single story.

So I'd like to share with you my favorite children's books with illustrations so that your child can imbibe the beautiful lessons that these authors and illustrators have to offer.

The Best Illustrated Books That Your Child Will Love

There are many types of illustration styles to choose from, as well as writers.

While it's impossible to say that certain authors and illustrators are the absolute best, there are quite a few favorites that many of us have grown to love over the years.

If you'd like to choose a picture book based on the artwork, then you might search for an artist that captures your specific style of art. Some illustrate on watercolour paper (such as Jane Clarke’s Knight Time Story), while others illustrate stories with minimalistic sketches or drawings (such as Shel Silverstein's illustrations).

There is a wonderfully wide selection of African-American authors writing warming children's literature, such as I Am Loved by Nikki Giovanni and illustrated by Ashley Bryan.

Whether you choose fairy tales or non-fiction, you certainly have plenty to choose from.

So how do you know which illustrated books are right for your child?

Here are a few of my favorites.

10 Best Picture Books for Children

1. You’re All Kinds of Wonderful - Nancy Tillman

2. The Wonderful Things You Will Be - Emily Winfield Martin

3. If You Hold A Seed - Elly MacKay

4. My BIG Book of Beginnings - Carmel Stoesz

5. I Wonder - Anaka Harris

6. What To Do With A Problem - Kobi Yamada

7. A World of Pausabilities - Frank I Sileo

8. I Am Peace - A Book of Mindfulness - Susan Verde

9. Today I Feel - Madalena Moniz

10. I Am Enough - Grace Byers