About the Author

Carmel Stoesz currently resides in Vancouver, Canada however her love and passion for writing began as a child and further ignited in her teens. Under the open prairie skies and vast wheat fields in southern Manitoba she drew her inspiration and creativity. Developing a love for poetry and journaling as she grew but above all, a deep connection to her infinite Heart and ultimately the Heart of God.

She has come to see through her own inner child work as well as holding space for others, just how precious and life changing the first 0-7 years of a child's life are. What they see and hear during this time builds the world within and around them that they perceive and ultimately determines their years to come.   

Her ultimate purpose and mission is to bring forth a generation of children's picture books that inspire and awaken the spark of divinity within each child (young and old). So that no circumstance nor thought, no heart break nor word, can alter their path as they step out and meet life's challenges. She believes the innocence of a child and their direct connection to divinity is a gift that we as humanity together must nurture and encourage. 

She hopes you will join her in reaching 1 billion children worldwide with messages that remind them they are loved, they are infinite and that they themselves ARE LOVE. 


*Photo by Melanie Orr Photography