Why Children's Books on Confidence Will Change the World

Children are our future, both literally and figuratively.

Our children will build our society, layer upon layer, and guide it into a future that we cannot yet imagine.

They will be the energy behind the work and the power behind the ideas that will impact the direction of humanity for years to come.

A young child holds incredible potential within him but without the proper guidance, a whole world of opportunity is lost.

And it all begins with the self-esteem and confidence to do so.

The problem?

So many of us adults struggle with building self-esteem in ourselves that we may not know where to begin in building self-esteem in children.

While many adults can pick up a few self-help books at the local bookstore or can work through self-esteem issues with a therapist or trusted friend, young children simply do not have the same option.

Exploring feelings as a child is a bit more complicated. Children do not always have the vocabulary to fully express how they feel, nor do they really have the capacity to understand it either.

Instead, young children learn through play and through story-telling.

This is why we see school-aged children playing house with their friends or exploring complex human emotions and relationships with dolls.

GI Joe serves a lot more purpose than just army dolls!

A picture book can help a child build self-confidence by playing out the emotions, feelings, and self-esteem issues that the child might otherwise not be ready to do on his own.

Kids' books can either provide real-world examples of complex emotions that naturally come up in day-to-day life, or they can simply provide a glimpse at the possibilities that life has to offer.

Either type of children's literature helps boost self-esteem in children, one way or another.

It's why I was so drawn to writing children's books in the first place because in this way I can make a positive impact on the world even if it is just by building self-confidence in young children around the world.

Parents have an important task ahead of them and there is no reason that we cannot support them in their role as parents.

If you would like to boost self-esteem in your child or to support parents in your life as they build self-confidence in their own children, then begin with children's literature.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine what an entire story can do.

My BIG Book of Beginnings is a picture book that helps children learn about the positive and innate qualities within themselves.

Discovering these qualities is an important step in building self-confidence and a step that is often overlooked.

Want to help inspire the next generation to truly be all that they can be?

Here are a few ways to participate:

  • Order one of my children's books in bulk, knowing that for every 10 purchased, one will be donated.
  • Visit your public library and search the kids' books section for inspiring children's books. If they do not have any, then recommend a few (including My BIG Book of Beginnings!).
  • Search for children's ebooks that you can download and read anytime. This will come in handy when you are out with your little one and need something imaginative and uplifting to keep them busy.
  • Support the arts and history by opting for an illustrated book based on a true story.
  • Create a nice collection of your own at home that can be shared with your own children or family any time.
  • Check back in with me here for updates on the latest poem or short story available for online viewing or free download.
  • Download the free sing along and start to impact the children in your life with inspiration words and lyrics.
  • Share this with a friend who has young kids.
  • Recommend this to your child's daycare/pre school for early childhood education.
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